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What Gets You Through The Exam Time-Tips

What Gets You Through The Exam Time-Tips

T’was the season of exams and all throughout campus

Not a student was procrastinating, not even a bit.

The books and notes were stacked high across the tables,

In hopes that exams would go well and this last term would be lit.  

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 9, 2016 by Jessica Barch

While barricading yourself in the library might be the tried-and-true (or at least tried) method of studying, there is a better way. 

Remember your stuff

1. Study when sleepy
Bedtime stories are for kids. Instead of reading the Berenstain Bears, try studying for a few minutes right before hitting the hay. During sleep, your brain strengthens new memories and puts them into long-term storage, so there’s a good chance you’ll remember whatever you review right before dozing off.

2. Create a mnemonic device
Turn the details you need to remember into an easy-to-recite acronym

3. Come together (right now)
Group work doesn’t fly with everyone, but for those who benefit from a little team effort, a study group is a way to go. Pick a few studious pals and get together every few days to review the material.

4. Walk backward
It might sound strange, but a backward walk is like hitting your brain’s rewind button. In one study, people who walked backward were better able to remember a video they’d watched than those who walked forward or stood still.

5. Treat yo’self!
A healthy holiday cookie, a walk around the block, 5 minutes on Twitter — whatever floats your boat. Knowing there’s a little reward waiting at the end of a few more pages makes it easier to beat procrastination while slogging through a semester’s worth of notes.

Drink up
Sorry, not that kind of drink. Instead, hit the local coffee shop for something caffeine-filled, whether your beverage of choice is coffee or tea. Research suggests the amount of caffeine in a cup or two of coffee boosts attention and alertness.

7. Beat stress- Daaaance to the music
As anyone who’s ever relied on the Biebs to make it through an all-night study session knows, music can help you beat stress.

8.Nix the ’net
We’ve all been there, facing the siren call of a friend’s Facebook wall on the eve of a giant exam. If you need a computer to study, try an app that blocks the internet for a short period of time and see how much more you get done.

9.Eat Properly. 
Your body needs the nutrients it gets from food in order to keep functioning properly. The food you eat affects how you feel both emotionally and physically.

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