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Why we cannot wait to get back to campus!

Why we cannot wait to get back to campus!
The beginning of the School year is approaching and we're actually really excited about it! Here's why:

Campus life is always buzzing

There's always something to do, an event to go to, free food to be eaten, and friends to meet.Leaving campus reminds you how gorgeous and underappreciated it really is. Also, you're very much ready for a much-needed change of scenery.

Having friends less than five minutes away & meeting new people

Having half your friends living across the country kind of sucks. Going back to college means getting the gang back together!

You desperately crave freedom
If you're living with your parents during the summer, it has probably left you feeling a little confined. College allows you to do what you want when you want and make your own decisions - without justifying every single one to your parents.

Scoping out campus hotties in your classes
You might not have enjoyed the class subject, but the hot guy that you scoped out at the beginning of the semester made the class a bit more bearable.

You miss trying new things
Being at home for the summer limits you to be one person, but being away from school gives you the freedom to experiment. Whether you want to try going vegetarian or revamp your personal style, it's the perfect place to try new things.You grow more in four years in college than you could even fathom before. Sure, you continue to grow at home, but the real growth and discovery of yourself usually happen away from home.

What are you most excited about? Let us know! 

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