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Can you make the tough choices?

Can you make the tough choices?

From the moment we wake up to when we hit our heads back on that pillow, decisions need to be made. Sure, they’re a mix of easy (what to wear, what to eat) and hard, but when you have to make a tough decision—like, say, deciding to change careers or take a break in your relationship—it can be difficult to know whether you’re doing the right thing. And for many, decision-making can feel downright terrifying.

Luckily, there are a few strategies you can use to ease the stress and feel good about your choice.

1. Fear is normal
It’s important to remember that these things are scary for practically everyone. Even if it might not always show, everybody, grapples with tough decisions, especially in their early 20s. You shouldn’t feel silly if you’re concerned about making these choices; they warrant concern. Some anxiety is a sign that this decision matters to you and that you’re not treating it lightly.

Take Time to Think It Through

Take time to reflect and think about what you want. A big decision is something that shouldn’t be rushed. If you take the time to think upfront about how to make a difficult decision, you’ll be more prepared when it comes to making a final choice.

3. Talk It Through with Others

Talk to people you trust, like family and friends, who will give you an honest answer. A fresh perspective can help you see difficult decisions from a different angle.

4. Notice when you’re procrastinating.

Taking longer to make a decision allows room for us to slip into what’s comfortable, rather than what might be right. “A basic truth about humans is that our nature is to shy away from boldness and adventure, and bend toward sameness,”

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