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Content Creator Internship

Content Creator Internship

This is an outstanding opportunity to learn about Content Marketing and create a great portfolio and reference for prospective employers.

Students. owners. property.

Student Accommodation SA & KPA Student Accommodation both provides a full-spectrum accommodation service to student and acts as an agent between the owner and the tenant. KPA has been involved in the property industry in Bloemfontein, and specifically the lease market, since 1986. This exposure enabled KPA to identify a niche in the market that allowed us to develop a very specific service that brings together owners of properties with students looking for accommodation.

About the Internship

Do you love hanging out on social media in your free time? Or do you see being on social media as a full-time job prospect? As our Social Media Content Creator Intern, you will be a key player on the team focused on creating and executing social content. As our intern, you will report to our Brand Marketing Manager and will be deeply involved in strategizing, designing, and executing content for online media. This role will also include community building online. This role will be heavily involved with creative design, copywriting, and video production. This candidate will be working closely with our Brand Marketing Coordinator, Business Manager, and sales team. You will thrive in this internship if you are passionate about content creation, you live and breathe the latest trends and topics on social media, and are interested in learning new things.

We also believe that each person should help drive the business. As an intern, you’ll be encouraged to speak up, think big, ask questions and seek to learn.

You’ll have the opportunity to work with passionate and supportive team members who encourage new ideas, feedback, and collaboration.

We have a talented leadership team that encourages transparency and they will support you in maximizing your internship experience.

We believe diversity, inclusion, and belonging are key for our team.

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