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What Do Students Want From thier Student Accommodation?

What Do Students Want From thier Student Accommodation?

Great Expectations – what do students want from their accommodation?

By taking their needs into consideration, you create accommodation that will meet the students’ requirements, which in turn can improve the return on your investment.

Students were once content to live in outdated Halls of Residence and when studying at university. Generation Z has created a shift in expectations. The low living standards that students of yesteryear put up with are swiftly being phased out, and the need for quality purpose-built student accommodation is on the rise.

Social Interaction 
For many students, educational institutions, and housing operators, mental wellbeing is now a “high priority,” as it’s estimated that one-in-three students are experiencing depression or loneliness. To help combat the feeling of isolation, its integral purpose-built student accommodation is designed to encourage social interaction.Accommodation providers play a substantial role in helping students interact with one another. By forming groups and clubs for students to get involved with, it creates a bigger sense of community and builds loyalty to your accommodation service.

Affordability combined with luxury
There’s no denying the impact of rising student fees has caused those studying at university to seek cheaper alternative accommodation.One student explained, “Student accommodation is getting more and more expensive and also more luxurious — I would much rather have basic but functional, healthy and cheap accommodation.”

The secret to gaining student appeal in 2021 is definitely ‘more is more. 
Things students consider when looking at the accommodation;
  • A speedy internet connection
  • Inclusive bills
  • Good storage 
  • Large, functional communal areas 
  • Close to campus
  • Good transport links
  • Good management 
  • High security 

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