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What are student looking for in Accommodation?

What are student looking for in Accommodation?
Most students are looking for the best value and the most convenient. A key factor that plays an important role when students choose a certain room is the price. If you can keep your price below that of most competing landlords, you will be in demand. Students are willing to compromise on many things in order to save money.

Priorities that students take into account when looking for Accommodation: 

Safety comes first. The parents signing your lease need to know that you understand this! Security gates, burglar bars and potentially even an alarm system will definitely add to the appeal (and to the value of your property).

Proximity to their college and to one another. There are popular student areas of every university town and city. Find out where it is. Proximity to transport, shops, and pubs. Students prefer to avoid suburban living and traveling too far on foot. 

Basic, clean, functional accommodation. Second-hand furniture is fine, so long as they are clean. Students are humans too, they want a clean and neat living space like many others. 

Furnished houses are most of the time better for students, because many students leave their parental home to study, they will be arriving with only the essentials. 

If you want to up the game and be on top of the list for students, WIFI is a must, internet is also very important for students seeing that they use the internet for studies and relaxation.

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