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Reasons Why You Should Live With Flatmates

Reasons Why You Should Live With Flatmates
Reasons Why You Should Live With Flatmates

When it comes to moving to a new city, a lot of people initially think about getting their own place, rather than exploring the ins and outs of having a shared accommodation. Renting a sharing Room or living in a student house is a great idea to push yourself way far outside of your comfort zone and enrich the adventure of student life. It is the easiest way to meet new people straight from the beginning, there will always be someone to go out with and save more money of course.


While you may have your own circle of friends, this is an opportunity to meet people that are different in nature, character, and background from those that you usually meet and widen your social circle, at the same time developing your skills at adaptability.

Even if you are someone who prefers going solo, a roommate can be a gateway to many new experiences. Shared experiences can be just as memorable, if not more, usually leading the way to some life-long bonding. It is a fact that new found friends can change the way you experience life – for the better.


Living alone has its benefits but also its drawbacks, and one of those drawbacks is the cost factor. When you opt for shared accommodation, you are immediately reducing costs by half. Rather than compromising on your accommodation, because the rents are so high, it’s always better to take a larger, more comfortable apartment, and share the rent and living expenses with other like-minded souls. It is a good idea to agree on the rent and the utilities and even the grocery bills at the beginning when decide to start sharing accommodation. Doing so will help you avoid disagreements and complications that may arise later.


When you start living with someone over a period of time, you are automatically aware of your mate’s likes and dislikes and it’s the same way around. And if you are sharing accommodation with your roommate for some time, means both of you (or the three of you) share similar likings and have some common activities that you enjoy doing together. Living with someone who is a friend, who knows your likes and dislikes, can be a rewarding experience. Whether it is the latest GOT episode or a new movie, or a wild night out, friends will always enhance the value of each activity to a thousand. If you have recently started sharing your accommodation or moved in with another person, it is a good idea to indulge in activities you both like, be it is watching movies, hiking, or even cooking. Doing activities together will give you the perfect opportunity to know your roommate better.


If learning is high on your agenda, then be assured to learn a bunch of new things when you share accommodation with another person. Whether it’s indulging in new activities or gaining from new experiences, a roommate is sure to offer you a new way of seeing things. If you were a believer before, be prepared to also find a non-believer within yourself. Living with a flatmate can change your outlook on matters and offer a fresh perspective.

Sharing accommodation can teach you some valuable life skills. Communication, being one of them. Learning to communicate your expectations and preferences in a respectful and clear manner is a valuable skill that can be applied to any relationship, and also your field of work. Defining boundaries often come at a price and sharing accommodation can help you to develop the art of tactfully negotiating your space.


Another benefit of shared accommodation is that everything (well, at least most of it) is shared, from the furnishings to responsibilities and expenses.  

Also, whether it is doing the laundry, cleaning the kitchen counters, or taking out the trash, the responsibilities of the house are no longer only yours. It can be a relief to have someone to share the burden of household chores with, especially if there are times when you are unable to get to a particular task, you know there is someone who has your back.

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